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"Our aim is simple - to provide engineering services that fully and continuously meets the agreed requirements stipulated by our customers."

We assume to build a resistant relationships with Customers & Suppliers.

Water Purification & Filtration

Plumbing & Sanitory Fittings

Sewage Piping

HVAC & Deep Well Piping

Glass Wool Panel & Roof Structre

Safety Hand & Chain Rail


About us

Success is a Journey, not a destination.

Interrove Engineering Services provide numerous civil, mechanical, and environmental engineering services. The extensive training and experience of management and field personnel assure the efficient performance required by the industry & government.

The following is an outline of services we offer

  • Draft Tube Structure
  • Plumbing & Sanitory Fittings
  • HVAC & Deep Well Piping
  • Sewage Pipping
  • Emergency Eye Showers
  • Water Filtration & Purification
  • Core Cutting
  • Glass Wool Panel & Roof Structrure
  • Safety Hand & Chain Rail
  • Tanks & Vessels
  • Steel Structures of all kinds

Our Portfolio

At Interrove Engineering Services our motto is Simply Much Better. We aim to be the leading provider in Engineering sector. We strive to provide an Engineering Service that is a hassle free, one stop shop providing engineering solutions from concept to completion that is based on repeated custom.

Building Structural Design

Water Filtration & Purifcation

Industrial, Sea, Waste Solutions


Plumbing & Sanitory Fittings

Pipes, Fitting

Sewage Piping

Sewage Piping

Sewage, Piping

Flow of Water in Building

HVAC & Well Piping

HVAC, Well, Piping

Roof Designing

Roof Structure

Roof, Structure

Safety Railing

Safety Hand & Chain Rail

Safety, Rail

Storage Tanks & Vessels

Tanks & Vessels

Tanks, Vessels

Steel Structure

Steel Structuring & Lighting Poles

Steel, Structure, Lighting, Poles

The Team

We are blessed to have a dynamic and diverse team structure of full professionals in their domain.

Nazir Ahmed Hawary

Dr Nazir Ahmed Hawary

36 years of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), IT and Project Management experience obtained while working at various facilities and projects in the US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Pakistan.

Nazar e Haider

Dr Nazar e Haider

Over 36 years of experience in the field of engineering, science and technology. Dr. Nazar e Haider was awarded with the Presidential Pride of Performance award in 2000 for providing engineering services to the government of Pakistan.

Muzzam Issac

Muhammad Muzzam Issac

16 years of expeince in the domains of technology, information and quality management experience. Dynamic and well equipped with skills of conceptualizing ideas, seizing opportunities, building operations, leading highly successful new business development .

Azam Chaudhary

Azam Chaudhary

Over 9 years of technology, information, R&D and quality management experience. Dynamic and well equipped with skills of conceptualizing ideas, seizing opportunities, building & managing operations, leading highly successful new business development initiatives and ventures.


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With Our Diverse Partners, We Deliver Quality Services that will help you/your Organization to achive it's Goals.
Engineer and Structure Model



Atlantis’s uses radial deionization technology, RDI™, each pair of super capacitors forms a “cell”. Up to 100 cells are layered together to form the RDI™ cylinder. The wastewater stream flows through the dielectric spacers within the cylinder with a minimal pressure drop. RDI™ cylinder is designed to remove all or most of the salt. Because of minimal pressure drop, multiple cylinders can be operated in series and at high flow rates, enabling processing of high total dissolved solids (TDS) streams without the need for intermediate storage. Each device removes a portion of ions from the stream until the target dissolved solids level is reached. This design aspect of the RDI™ Desalination System is critical to its superior performance and a key difference between RDI™ and other versions of capacitive deionization.The processing capacity of a large-scale cylinder is up to 5 gpm depending on salinity of water

Work Desk of Structural Engineer

Synergy Petroleum


SPI has been successful in establishing a reputation as a quality conscious contractor with high HSE achievements in the market place and maintains strong business relationship with major end clients in the Sultanate.SPI has also gained substantial experience in multidiscipline trades - mainly in the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation (CMEI) fields.Although SPI’s broad focus is on the major sectors of oil and gas, petrochemical power, water and other new industries, it is primarily engaged with the oil and gas sector and E&P operators in the Sultanate. Moreover, possessing local knowledge of and adhering to customary regulations and applicable laws, SPI is capable of effectively and efficiently addressing all local requirements. SPI has also invested heavily in infrastructural facilities to support its present and future expansion plans and is ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001.2007 certified.

Wind Beam

Imtiaz Chemicals


Imtiaz Chemineers represents a number of world-renowned foreign manufacturers of machinery, equipment, plant and materials in different spheres of chemical and related industries. The firm operates fully equipped offices in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi with the necessary support staff and modern business aids. Our specialty is the Chemical & Process Industry in the country to whom we offer, among other things, Fluid Handling Equipment including Pumps, Compressors, Valves, Tubes & Piping, Industrial Chemicals, Instrumentation & Control, Laboratory Equipment, Plastics, Pollution Control Equipment, Machine Tools & Workshop Equipment, Machinery/Equipment Protection, Refractories & Ceramics, Unit Operations & Siderugical Products. customers.

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